package commands

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Type Members

  1. sealed abstract class Aggregation extends NamedEnum
  2. case class BitField(bfType: BitFieldType, offset: Long, offsetInWidths: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  3. sealed trait BitFieldMod extends BitFieldOp
  4. sealed trait BitFieldOp extends AnyRef
  5. case class BitFieldType(signed: Boolean, width: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  6. sealed abstract class BitOp extends NamedEnum
  7. trait BlockingListsApi extends ApiSubset
  8. final case class ClientAddress(ip: String, port: Int) extends ClientFilter with Product with Serializable
  9. final class ClientEvents extends AnyVal
  10. sealed trait ClientFilter extends Any
  11. final class ClientFlags extends AnyVal
  12. final case class ClientId(raw: Long) extends AnyVal with ClientFilter with Product with Serializable
  13. case class ClientInfo(infoLine: String) extends Product with Serializable
  14. sealed abstract class ClientType extends NamedEnum with ClientFilter
  15. trait ClientsInfo extends RedisInfo
  16. trait ClusterInfo extends RedisInfo
  17. case class ClusterStateInfo(info: String) extends ParsedInfo with Product with Serializable
  18. case class CommandArity(arity: Int, more: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  19. final class CommandFlags extends AnyVal
  20. case class CommandInfo(name: String, arity: CommandArity, flags: CommandFlags, firstKey: Int, lastKey: Int, stepCount: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  21. case class CommandStat(infoLine: String) extends ParsedInfo with Product with Serializable
  22. trait CommandstatsInfo extends RedisInfo
  23. trait ConnectionClusterApi extends NodeClusterApi
  24. trait ConnectionConnectionApi extends NodeConnectionApi
  25. trait ConnectionScriptingApi extends NodeScriptingApi
  26. trait ConnectionServerApi extends NodeServerApi
  27. trait CpuInfo extends RedisInfo
  28. final case class Cursor(raw: Long) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable
  29. case class DbStat(infoLine: String) extends ParsedInfo with Product with Serializable
  30. sealed abstract class DebugMode extends NamedEnum
  31. abstract class DefaultRedisInfo extends RedisInfo with ServerInfo with ClientsInfo with MemoryInfo with PersistenceInfo with StatsInfo with ReplicationInfo with CpuInfo with ClusterInfo with KeyspaceInfo
  32. final case class Dumped(raw: ByteString) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable
  33. sealed abstract class Encoding extends NamedEnum
  34. sealed trait Expiration extends AnyRef
  35. sealed abstract class FailoverOption extends NamedEnum
  36. case class FullRedisInfo(infoStr: String) extends DefaultRedisInfo with CommandstatsInfo with Product with Serializable
  37. trait GeoApi extends ApiSubset
  38. final case class GeoHash(raw: String) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable
  39. case class GeoPoint(longitude: Double, latitude: Double) extends Product with Serializable
  40. sealed abstract class GeoUnit extends NamedEnum
  41. abstract class GeoradiusAttrs extends AnyRef
  42. sealed trait HashEncoding extends Encoding
  43. case class HashFieldPattern[+K, +H](keyPattern: K, fieldPattern: H) extends SortPattern[K, H] with Product with Serializable
  44. trait HashesApi extends ApiSubset
  45. trait HyperLogLogApi extends ApiSubset
  46. case class KeyPattern[+K](pattern: K) extends SortPattern[K, Nothing] with Product with Serializable
  47. trait KeyedClusterApi extends ApiSubset
  48. trait KeyedKeysApi extends ApiSubset

    Author: ghik Created: 06/04/16.

  49. trait KeyedScriptingApi extends ApiSubset
  50. trait KeyspaceInfo extends RedisInfo
  51. sealed trait LexLimit[+V] extends AnyRef
  52. case class Limit(offset: Long, count: Long) extends Product with Serializable
  53. sealed trait ListEncoding extends Encoding
  54. trait ListsApi extends ApiSubset
  55. case class MasterRole(replOffset: Long, slaveOffsets: Seq[(NodeAddress, Long)]) extends RedisRole with Product with Serializable
  56. sealed abstract class MaxmemoryPolicy extends NamedEnum
  57. trait MemoryInfo extends RedisInfo
  58. sealed abstract class MultiBitOp extends BitOp
  59. trait NodeClusterApi extends KeyedClusterApi
  60. trait NodeConnectionApi extends ApiSubset
  61. final class NodeFlags extends AnyVal
  62. final case class NodeId(raw: String) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable
  63. case class NodeInfo(infoLine: String) extends Product with Serializable
  64. trait NodeKeysApi extends KeyedKeysApi with ApiSubset
  65. trait NodeScriptingApi extends KeyedScriptingApi
  66. trait NodeServerApi extends ApiSubset
  67. abstract class ParsedInfo extends AnyRef
  68. trait PersistenceInfo extends RedisInfo
  69. trait RecoverableKeyedScriptingApi extends RecoverableApiSubset with KeyedScriptingApi
  70. trait RedisInfo extends AnyRef
  71. abstract class RedisInfoSection[T >: FullRedisInfo <: RedisInfo] extends AnyRef
  72. sealed abstract class RedisMode extends NamedEnum
  73. sealed trait RedisRole extends AnyRef
  74. trait RedisScript[+A] extends AnyRef
  75. case class RedisTimestamp(seconds: Long, useconds: Long) extends Product with Serializable
  76. sealed abstract class RedisType extends NamedEnum
  77. final class RemCount extends AnyVal
  78. sealed abstract class ReplState extends NamedEnum
  79. trait ReplicationInfo extends RedisInfo
  80. type ReplyDecoder[+T] = PartialFunction[ValidRedisMsg, T]
  81. type ReplyPairDecoder[+T] = PartialFunction[(ValidRedisMsg, ValidRedisMsg), T]
  82. case class ScoreLimit(value: Double, inclusive: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  83. case class SemiRange(start: Int, end: commons.Opt[Int] = Opt.Empty) extends Product with Serializable
  84. case class SentinelRole(masterNames: Seq[String]) extends RedisRole with Product with Serializable
  85. trait ServerInfo extends RedisInfo
  86. sealed trait SetEncoding extends Encoding
  87. trait SetsApi extends ApiSubset
  88. sealed trait SetslotCmd extends AnyRef
  89. final case class Sha1(raw: String) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable
  90. sealed abstract class ShutdownModifier extends NamedEnum
  91. final case class Skipme(skipme: Boolean) extends AnyVal with ClientFilter with Product with Serializable
  92. case class SlaveInfo(infoLine: String) extends ParsedInfo with Product with Serializable
  93. case class SlaveRole(master: NodeAddress, replState: ReplState, receivedDataOffset: Long) extends RedisRole with Product with Serializable
  94. sealed abstract class SlaveState extends NamedEnum
  95. case class SlotRange(start: Int, end: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  96. case class SlotRangeMapping(range: SlotRange, master: NodeAddress, masterId: commons.Opt[NodeId], slaves: Seq[(NodeAddress, commons.Opt[NodeId])]) extends Product with Serializable
  97. case class SlowlogEntry(id: Long, timestamp: Long, duration: Long, command: Seq[ByteString], clientAddress: commons.Opt[ClientAddress] = Opt.Empty, clientName: commons.Opt[String] = Opt.Empty) extends Product with Serializable
  98. case class SortLimit(offset: Long, count: Long) extends Product with Serializable
  99. sealed abstract class SortOrder extends NamedEnum
  100. sealed trait SortPattern[+K, +H] extends AnyRef
  101. sealed trait SortedSetEncoding extends Encoding
  102. trait SortedSetsApi extends ApiSubset
  103. trait StatsInfo extends RedisInfo
  104. sealed trait StringEncoding extends Encoding
  105. trait StringsApi extends ApiSubset
  106. trait TransactionApi extends ApiSubset

Value Members

  1. object Aggregation extends NamedEnumCompanion[Aggregation] with Serializable
  2. object Asking extends UnsafeCommand with Product with Serializable
  3. object BitField extends Serializable
  4. object BitFieldOp
  5. object BitOp extends NamedEnumCompanion[BitOp] with Serializable
  6. object ClientAddress extends Serializable
  7. object ClientEvents
  8. object ClientFilter
  9. object ClientFlags
  10. object ClientId extends Serializable
  11. object ClientType extends NamedEnumCompanion[ClientType] with Serializable
  12. object ClientsInfo extends RedisInfoSection[ClientsInfo]
  13. object ClusterInfo extends RedisInfoSection[ClusterInfo]
  14. object CommandFlags
  15. object CommandstatsInfo extends RedisInfoSection[CommandstatsInfo]
  16. object CpuInfo extends RedisInfoSection[CpuInfo]
  17. object Cursor extends Serializable
  18. object DebugMode extends NamedEnumCompanion[DebugMode] with Serializable
  19. object DefaultRedisInfo extends RedisInfoSection[DefaultRedisInfo]
  20. object Encoding extends NamedEnumCompanion[Encoding] with Serializable
  21. object Expiration
  22. object FailoverOption extends NamedEnumCompanion[FailoverOption] with Serializable
  23. object FullRedisInfo extends RedisInfoSection[FullRedisInfo] with Serializable
  24. object GeoPoint extends Serializable
  25. object GeoUnit extends NamedEnumCompanion[GeoUnit] with Serializable
  26. object GeoradiusAttrs
  27. object KeyspaceInfo extends RedisInfoSection[KeyspaceInfo]
  28. object LexLimit
  29. object Limit extends Serializable
  30. object MaxmemoryPolicy extends NamedEnumCompanion[MaxmemoryPolicy] with Serializable
  31. object MemoryInfo extends RedisInfoSection[MemoryInfo]
  32. object NodeFlags
  33. object PersistenceInfo extends RedisInfoSection[PersistenceInfo]
  34. object RedisMode extends NamedEnumCompanion[RedisMode] with Serializable
  35. object RedisRole
  36. object RedisScript
  37. object RedisType extends NamedEnumCompanion[RedisType] with Serializable
  38. object RemCount
  39. object ReplState extends NamedEnumCompanion[ReplState] with Serializable
  40. object ReplicationInfo extends RedisInfoSection[ReplicationInfo]
  41. object ReplyDecoders
  42. object ScoreLimit extends Serializable
  43. object SelfPattern extends SortPattern[Nothing, Nothing] with Product with Serializable
  44. object SemiRange extends Serializable
  45. object ServerInfo extends RedisInfoSection[ServerInfo]
  46. object SetslotCmd
  47. object Sha1 extends Serializable
  48. object ShutdownModifier extends NamedEnumCompanion[ShutdownModifier] with Serializable
  49. object SlaveState extends NamedEnumCompanion[SlaveState] with Serializable
  50. object SlotRange extends Serializable
  51. object SortLimit extends Serializable
  52. object SortOrder extends NamedEnumCompanion[SortOrder] with Serializable
  53. object SortPattern
  54. object StatsInfo extends RedisInfoSection[StatsInfo]

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