package mongo

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Type Members

  1. trait BsonCodec[A, BSON <: BsonValue] extends AnyRef

  2. trait BsonGenCodecs extends AnyRef
  3. trait BsonInput extends InputAndSimpleInput
  4. trait BsonOutput extends OutputAndSimpleOutput
  5. final class BsonReaderFieldInput extends BsonReaderInput with FieldInput
  6. class BsonReaderInput extends BsonInput
  7. final class BsonReaderIterator[T] extends AbstractIterator[T]
  8. final class BsonReaderListInput extends ListInput
  9. final class BsonReaderObjectInput extends ObjectInput
  10. case class BsonRef[S, T](path: String, codec: GenCodec[T], getter: (S) ⇒ T) extends Product with Serializable
  11. final class BsonValueListOutput extends ListOutput
  12. final class BsonValueObjectOutput extends ObjectOutput
  13. final class BsonValueOutput extends BsonOutput
  14. final class BsonWriterListOutput extends ListOutput
  15. final class BsonWriterNamedOutput extends BsonOutput
  16. final class BsonWriterObjectOutput extends ObjectOutput
  17. final class BsonWriterOutput extends BsonOutput
  18. final class Doc extends AnyVal

  19. case class DocKey[A, BSON <: BsonValue](key: String, codec: BsonCodec[A, BSON]) extends Product with Serializable

  20. trait DocumentCodec[T] extends AnyRef

  21. class GenCodecBasedBsonCodec[T] extends Codec[T]
  22. class MongoCodec[A, BSON <: BsonValue] extends Codec[A]

  23. class mongoId extends Annotation with AnnotationAggregate

    Shortcut annotation for applying @name("_id") and @outOfOrder annotation on a case class field, which is typical for MongoDB ID field.

Value Members

  1. object BsonCodec
  2. object BsonGenCodecs
  3. object BsonInput
  4. object BsonOutput
  5. object BsonRef extends Serializable
  6. object BsonTypeMetadata extends InputMetadata[BsonType]
  7. object BsonValueOutput
  8. object Doc
  9. object DocKey extends Serializable
  10. object DuplicateKey

  11. object Filter

  12. object KeyEscaper
  13. object ObjectIdMarker extends TypeMarker[ObjectId]
  14. object Sort

  15. object Update