package jiop

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Type Members

  1. trait GuavaInterop extends AnyRef
  2. trait JBasicUtils extends AnyRef
  3. trait JCanBuildFrom[-Elem, +To] extends CanBuildFrom[Nothing, Elem, To]
  4. trait JCanBuildFroms extends JCollectionCanBuildFroms with JMapCanBuildFroms
  5. final class JCollectionCBF[A, C <: commons.JCollection[A]] extends JCanBuildFrom[A, C]
  6. trait JCollectionCanBuildFroms extends JIterableCBF
  7. trait JCollectionUtils extends JCanBuildFroms
  8. trait JFunctionUtils extends AnyRef

    Utils to convert Scala functions and expressions to most common Java functional interfaces.

  9. trait JIterableCBF extends JSetCBF with JLinkedListCBF
  10. trait JLinkedHashMapCBF extends AnyRef
  11. trait JLinkedHashSetCBF extends AnyRef
  12. trait JLinkedListCBF extends AnyRef
  13. final class JMapCBF[K, V, M <: commons.JMap[K, V]] extends JCanBuildFrom[(K, V), M]
  14. trait JMapCanBuildFroms extends JSortedMapCBF with JLinkedHashMapCBF
  15. trait JOptionalUtils extends AnyRef
  16. trait JSetCBF extends JSortedSetCBF with JLinkedHashSetCBF
  17. trait JSortedMapCBF extends AnyRef
  18. trait JSortedSetCBF extends AnyRef
  19. trait JStreamUtils extends AnyRef
  20. trait Java8CollectionUtils extends AnyRef
  21. trait JavaInterop extends JBasicUtils with JCollectionUtils with DecorateAsJava with DecorateAsScala with Java8CollectionUtils with JFunctionUtils with JStreamUtils with JOptionalUtils with JavaTimeInterop
  22. trait JavaTimeInterop extends AnyRef
  23. final class ScalaJDoubleStream extends AnyVal
  24. final class ScalaJIntStream extends AnyVal
  25. final class ScalaJLongStream extends AnyVal
  26. final class ScalaJStream[+A] extends AnyVal