10. Commercial features

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Enterprise-grade commercial support for the Anjay library, as well as additional commercially-licensed library features, are provided by AVSystem. For more details, see AVSystem Anjay website.

If you want to test your LwM2M client implementation you can use the LwM2M interoperability test module in AVSystem’s Coiote IoT Device Management platform. Our automated tests and testing scenarios enable you to quickly check how interoperable your device is with LwM2M. The tests include basic actions, such as Read, Write, Execute, Discover, Delete, and more as well as advanced actions, such as Loop or Wait to build more complex test cases. What’s more, you can also create your own test scenarios or have us prepare custom test cases upon your request. Visit our webpage to learn more.

Commercial library features can be included separately as options accessible on top of the basic functionality present in the open source version. Currently available commercial features are: