package json

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Type Members

  1. trait BaseJsonOutput extends AnyRef
  2. sealed trait JsonBinaryFormat extends AnyRef

    Specifies format used by JsonStringOutput.writeBinary / JsonStringInput.readBinary to represent byte arrays.

  3. sealed trait JsonDateFormat extends AnyRef

    Specifies format used by JsonStringOutput.writeTimestamp / JsonStringInput.readTimestamp to represent timestamps.

  4. case class JsonFormatting(indentSize: commons.OptArg[Int] = OptArg.Empty, afterColon: Int = 0) extends Product with Serializable
  5. final class JsonListInput extends ListInput with AfterElement
  6. final class JsonListOutput extends BaseJsonOutput with ListOutput
  7. final class JsonObjectInput extends ObjectInput with AfterElement
  8. final class JsonObjectOutput extends BaseJsonOutput with ObjectOutput
  9. case class JsonOptions(formatting: JsonFormatting = JsonFormatting.Compact, asciiOutput: Boolean = false, mathContext: MathContext = BigDecimal.defaultMathContext, dateFormat: JsonDateFormat = JsonDateFormat.IsoInstant, binaryFormat: JsonBinaryFormat = JsonBinaryFormat.ByteArray) extends Product with Serializable

    Adjusts format of JSON produced by JsonStringOutput.

    Adjusts format of JSON produced by JsonStringOutput.


    JSON formatting options, controls how whitespace is added to JSON output


    when set, all non-ASCII characters in strings will be unicode-escaped


    MathContext used when deserializing BigDecimals


    format used to represent timestamps


    format used to represent binary data (byte arrays)

  10. final class JsonReader extends AnyRef
  11. final class JsonStringFieldInput extends JsonStringInput with FieldInput
  12. class JsonStringInput extends InputAndSimpleInput with AfterElement
  13. final class JsonStringOutput extends BaseJsonOutput with OutputAndSimpleOutput
  14. final class JsonType extends AbstractValueEnum