at_sms.h File Reference
#include <anjay/sms.h>

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anjay_smsdrv_tanjay_at_sms_create (const char *device)

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anjay_smsdrv_t* anjay_at_sms_create ( const char *  device)

Creates a new SMS driver object that can be used to interface with a cellular modem device.

The resulting object shall be destroyed using anjay_smsdrv_cleanup.

NOTE: This driver needs exclusive access to a modem interface capable of executing AT commands, but only handles SMS messages meant for LWM2M communication. In particular, it does not implement any mechanism for preventing congestion of the SMS inbox - only received and processed messages are ever removed.

All of this means that this driver is probably not very useful for real world application without the use of some kind of modem multiplexing mechanism. It can be, however, used as a basic reference implementation.

devicetty device used to communicate with the cellular modem, e.g. "/dev/ttyUSB0".
An SMS driver object, or NULL in case of error.