final class MacroGenerated[C, T] extends AnyVal

Wrapper class for macro-generated typeclasses. Usually, a typeclass is wrapped in MacroGenerated when it's accepted as implicit super constructor parameter of some base class for companion objects of types for which the typeclass is being generated. Example: HasGenCodec, which is a base class for companion objects of classes that want GenCodec to be macro-generated for them.

Instead of materializing the type class instance directly, a function from some base companion type C is materialized. To obtain the actual typeclass instance, companion object must be passed as this function's argument. This serves two purposes:

- contents of C will be wildcard-imported into macro-materialization, allowing injection of additional implicits - working around too strict Scala validation of super constructor arguments:

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  1. MacroGenerated
  2. AnyVal
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Instance Constructors

  1. new MacroGenerated(forCompanion: (C) ⇒ T)

Value Members

  1. final def !=(arg0: Any): Boolean
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  2. final def ##(): Int
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  3. final def ==(arg0: Any): Boolean
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  4. final def asInstanceOf[T0]: T0
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  5. val forCompanion: (C) ⇒ T
  6. def getClass(): Class[_ <: AnyVal]
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    AnyVal → Any
  7. final def isInstanceOf[T0]: Boolean
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  8. def toString(): String
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