final class FutureOps[A] extends AnyVal

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  1. FutureOps
  2. AnyVal
  3. Any
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Instance Constructors

  1. new FutureOps(fut: commons.Future[A])

Value Members

  1. final def !=(arg0: Any): Boolean
    Definition Classes
  2. final def ##(): Int
    Definition Classes
  3. final def ==(arg0: Any): Boolean
    Definition Classes
  4. def andThenNow[U](pf: PartialFunction[commons.Try[A], U]): commons.Future[A]
  5. final def asInstanceOf[T0]: T0
    Definition Classes
  6. def collectNow[B](pf: PartialFunction[A, B]): commons.Future[B]
  7. def filterNow(p: (A) ⇒ Boolean): commons.Future[A]
  8. def flatMapNow[B](f: (A) ⇒ commons.Future[B]): commons.Future[B]

    FlatMaps a Future using RunNowEC.

  9. def foreachNow[U](f: (A) ⇒ U): Unit
  10. def getClass(): Class[_ <: AnyVal]
    Definition Classes
    AnyVal → Any
  11. def ignoreFailures: commons.Future[Unit]

    Returns a Future that completes successfully, but only after this future completes.

  12. final def isInstanceOf[T0]: Boolean
    Definition Classes
  13. def mapNow[B](f: (A) ⇒ B): commons.Future[B]

    Maps a Future using RunNowEC.

  14. def onCompleteNow[U](f: (commons.Try[A]) ⇒ U): Unit
  15. def recoverNow[U >: A](pf: PartialFunction[Throwable, U]): commons.Future[U]
  16. def recoverWithNow[B >: A](pf: PartialFunction[Throwable, commons.Future[B]]): commons.Future[B]
  17. def thenReturn[T](result: commons.Future[T]): commons.Future[T]

    Returns a Future that completes with the specified result, but only after this future completes.

  18. def toString(): String
    Definition Classes
  19. def toUnit: commons.Future[Unit]
  20. def toVoid: commons.Future[Void]
  21. def transformNow[S](f: (commons.Try[A]) ⇒ commons.Try[S]): commons.Future[S]
  22. def transformNow[S](s: (A) ⇒ S, f: (Throwable) ⇒ Throwable): commons.Future[S]
  23. def transformWithNow[S](f: (commons.Try[A]) ⇒ commons.Future[S]): commons.Future[S]
  24. def wrapToTry: commons.Future[commons.Try[A]]
  25. def zipWithNow[B, R](that: commons.Future[B])(f: (A, B) ⇒ R): commons.Future[R]

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